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As human beings we often like to take credit for what we think we have done or accomplished.  However, Faith Christian School was God’s plan long before any of us were even here.  In God’s time He gathered together four like-minded people from various places to Dallas, Oregon, for the purpose of beginning this Christian school.  Pastor Al Perkins, the new senior pastor at Faith Evangelical Free Church, had the strong desire to start a school, and Pastor Ed Sutter was called to Faith Free after many years of teaching in California.  Mrs. Michele Stein was teaching kindergarten at St. Phillip’s here in town, and I moved to Dallas leaving a teaching position at a Christian school in Washington state.

After moving to Dallas and seeing all the churches, I asked Pastor Al where the Christian School was located.  I was surprised when he said there was none.  About a year and a half later, Pastor Al called to say that a small preschool in the church was leaving and did I want to buy her out?  I jumped at the offer and for $130.00 (for mostly toys) I bought the school!  I called Mrs. Stein about the possibility of her teaching preschool and I would begin a kindergarten class.  It was the beginning of Faith Christian School!

How excited we both were about the possibilities for the future!  When fall came we opened the doors.  On the first day of school Mrs. Stein had a good class size, I but I only had one kindergarten student named Teddy.  Disappointed, but hopeful, I told Teddy’s mom that if no other children enrolled by Friday, we would not open.  Tuesday came, no students, Wednesday no students, Thursday no students……I was dejected and had little hope for Friday.  Friday morning came and to my disbelief a gentleman came with 4 little boys in tow!!  Not just one, but four!!  Oh yes, yes!  Later, two little girls came and we had a class of seven!

What a lesson I learned!  God’s timing is not always mine (or yours).  Have faith.  God always answers!  “Faith” what a wonderful name for a school!  Through the years God has continually shown teachers and parents His perfect timing in many areas.  God always does what He says He will do. This year Faith Christian School has 145 students!  We are celebrating 33 years of following God’s will for a Christian school in Dallas, Oregon.  All four of the original people God sent to start the school are still involved in some aspect of our mission here.

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